Moving Within the Rochester Area

Program Description

If you are a current participant of the RHA Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program and wish to move within our 5 county area (Monroe, Orleans, Livingston, Ontario & Wayne counties) you must be a participant in good standing, which means:

    • You have no outstanding debt owed to your landlord or any federally funded Housing Authority.
    • You have no outstanding "tenant caused" HQS violations.
    • You have been under contract with your current landlord for one year or more.
    • You MUST give your landlord a valid 30 day written notice that you intend to move.
    • Review the "When Moving, Be Aware" document to help prepare you for the pitfalls of moving.

Once you are ready to begin the moving process you must attend an RHA Moving Briefing. 

RHA Moving Briefings are conducted at the RHA Leasing Operations Office every Thursday at 10:00 am.

After you have attended an RHA Moving Brieifing, your Housing Specialist will contact you to set up an appointment to determine your eligibility to move, review important steps of the moving process, and to issue you moving papers.

Victims of Domestic Violence 

If you are a victim of domestic violence contact your Housing Specialist immediately and make them aware of your need to move.  Your Housing Specialist will require that you complete and submit form HUD-50066 and include any related documentation, such as police reports, etc.

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