Moving Out of the Rochester Area

Program Description

If you are a current participant of the RHA Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program and wish to move out ("port out") of the RHA jurisdiction with your voucher, you must be in good standing with RHA.

Contact your Housing Specialist if you are interested in moving out of the Rochester area.

Your Housing Specialist will require you to fill out a Request for Portability Information that will be used to send your information to your new Housing Authority.

Once your Housing Specialist has verified that you meet the prescreening requirements to port, you will be contacted by the RHA Port Specialist for an appointment.  

Once your RHA paperwork is completed and processed, your portability packet will be sent to the Housing Authority of your choice.

Different Housing Authorities have different rules, policies, and deadlines. There may be different payment standards, subsidy standards, and utility allowances that will effect how much you will be required to pay for rent. We suggest you contact the new Housing Authority as soon as you have been approved to port.