Program Description

Mainstream Program Vouchers enable families having a person with disabilities to lease affordable private housing of their choice. Mainstream program vouchers also assist persons with disabilities who often face difficulties in locating suitable and accessible housing on the private market.

Non-Elderly Disabled (NED) Category 1 Vouchers (or Designated Housing Vouchers) are similar to Mainstream Vouchers except NED Vouchers are specifically designated to assist non-elderly families.

What families are eligible to apply for Mainstream Vouchers and How do I apply?

Only a family that includes a disabled person and is income eligible may quailify for a Mainstream Voucher. Qualified applicants will be selected from the RHA's Housing Choice Voucher wait list as Mainstream Vouchers become available.

What families are eligible to apply for NED Vouchers and How do I apply?

Initially, when RHA was awarded the vouchers in 2010, non-elderly disabled families who live in an RHA Public housing unit or are on the RHA Public Housing wait list qualified for the NED program.  The family did not have to be listed on the RHA’s Housing Choice Voucher wait list.

Once all potential families from RHA’s Public Housing program were canvassed, RHA begin issuing NED Vouchers to qualifying families from the RHA Housing Choice Voucher wait list. Upon turnover, these vouchers must now be issued to non-elderly disabled families from the RHA’s Voucher wait list.

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