Shawn Burr, Deputy Executive Director:

Shawn has held many positions within the organization since being hired in 1991, including Interim Executive Director, Capital Projects Manager, Sr. Property Rehab Specialist, Building Maintenance Supervisor, Property Rehab Specialist, and Public Housing Inspector – making him a primary resource for the entire senior leadership team and associates alike. In his current role as Deputy Director, Shawn’s chief responsibilities include overseeing our Development, Capital Projects, Resident Services, Inspections, and Information Technology departments. 



Paul Foti, Director of Operations:

Paul was promoted from Director of Finance (CFO) to Director of Operations (CFO & COO) in 2017.  Paul oversees all Finance, Field Maintenance Operations and Procurement Departments. He is utilizing his vast fiscal background in real-estate portfolio management to maximize resources to ensure our long-term financial stability. RHA has an $80,000,000 annual operating budget, and, in the face of potential federal budget cuts, Paul is helping RHA to approach budget management more strategically by leveraging business intelligence.  Paul’s ultimate goal is to provide quality and affordable housing by ensuring long term sustainability of the organization.



Rashondra Martin, Esq., Executive Personnel Administrator:

Rashondra oversees our recently redesigned Human Resources (HR) Department and Compliance team.  She is an attorney, with over 10 years’ experience in Employment and Labor law.  She is helping the organization create an internal culture of accountability and excellence. Development of new Associate recruiting, onboarding and retention processes; execution of new Associate trainings in quality customer care, anti-harassment, recruitment and selection; as well as a revised Employee Handbook, are just some of the ways Rashondra and her team are working to redefine our company culture. 



Cynthia Herriott, Compliance, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer:

Cynthia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this area as a former lieutenant with the Rochester Police Department. In her role at RHA, she leads the organization’s newest department, created in early 2017 by the Board of Commissioners. Her primary duty is to ensure RHA is following agency and HUD compliance procedures and requirements. Cynthia’s department enhances our organization’s overall ability to meet performance goals by implementing and tracking many quality control processes, and procedures.