Emergency Housing Vouchers

[19 July 2021] The Rochester Housing Authority (RHA) will begin administering Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV) effective 7/19/21. For an Individual/Family to be eligible to receive an EHV, at least one (1) of the following criteria must be met:

  • Individual/Family must meet HUD’s definition of homeless
  • Individual/Family must meet HUD’s definition of at risk of homelessness
  • Individual/Family must fit HUD’s definition of fleeing domestic violence/trafficking
  • Individual/Family must meet HUD’s definition of recently homeless, and in need of EHV to maintain housing stability

EHV’s are managed through a direct referral process. All referrals for an EHV must come directly from Partners Ending Homelessness (Monroe County Continuum of Care), through the community’s Coordinated Entry System. If you believe you may be eligible for EHV assistance, please complete the Pre-Qualification survey by using the link provided with this posting. After you have completed the Pre-Qualification, you will be contacted by Partners Ending Homelessness.

If you are currently on one of RHA’s waiting lists and believe you qualify for one of the above preferences, you can also apply for an Emergency Housing Voucher by completing the PreQualification survey using [THIS] link.


-----===== 1 June 2021 =====-----

RHA's Administrative Offices are now

Open to the Public

for Scheduled Appointments!


Please follow posted guidelines when entering RHA buildings.

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Rochester Housing Authority Adopts HUD Waivers

[1 June, 2021] See the most current notification of the HUD-approved and RHA-adopted waivers, effective 05/04/2021, HERE.

[24 December, 2020] The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has extended program term and conditions waivers that RHA has adopted. To view those waivers in detail, press HEREEnglish Audio  Audio en español

[11 June, 2020] The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued program term and condition waivers that RHA has adopted. To view those waivers in detail, press HERE.  English Audio  Audio en español

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Emergency Help with Rental Arrears

[14 April 2021] Funding is currently available for City of Rochester/Monroe County households with an emergency need for
assistance with rental arrears related to the Covid-19 pandemic.  English  Español

If you are behind on your rent and/or facing other life challenges, please call 211 to speak with an intake specialist at the 211/Lifeline Call Center.

The City of Rochester and Monroe County have launched programs designed to help families struggling with housing issues in the face of the COVID pandemic. These include an Emergency Rent Assistance program which may cover back rent, as well as the Tenant Defense Project which could provide you with access to a free lawyer in court. A listing of programs can be found [HERE].

Note: Landlords can also start an application for overdue rent on your behalf. They will need to get your consent and income documentation to apply.

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[22 March 2021] Remote Briefing for New Applicants [NOTICE] [LINK]

[19 February 2021] The Rochester Housing Authority now conducts Virtual Hearings. For printed details, press HERE. For English Audio press HERE.  Para audio en Español presione AQUI.

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The Rochester Housing Authority is an essential resource for Greater Rochester, providing quality housing opportunities and services for its communities.