Draft 2025-2030 Annual Plan


TPublic Comment is open for RHA’s 2025-2030, 5-year Annual Agency Plan. Link to Website: https://www.rochesterhousing.org/agency-plan. The 45-day comment period: March 17, 2024, and ends May 1, 2024, to solicit suggestions. 

A public Hearing will be held on May 2, 2024, at 2:00 pm at 675 W. Main Street, Rochester, NY  14611.  At the public hearing, interested parties are encouraged to sign in and speak for a limited time.  Those having lengthy comments should submit them in writing to: RHA Annual Plan, 675 W, Main Street, Rochester, NY  14611 Attention: Shawn Burr



Annual Plan 2023

The link above will open a PDF.