Process for Reduction in Force (Layoff) Determinations at Civil Services and RHA:

1. Rochester Housing Authority (RHA) management conducts a thorough review  of budgets and existing positions and through thoughtful consideration, determines which positions must be eliminated at the given time. 

2. The list of positions (not individual people) is then submitted to the City of Rochester Bureau of Human Resources Management (BHRM).  This is the office that administers and oversees the Civil Service rules and rights for RHA.

3. A team of two BHRM staff reviews employment rosters for each RHA employee occupying the affected titles, and a ‘retention date’ is established.  The person(s) with the least seniority is identified in accordance with Civil Service Law or Collective Bargaining Unit (CBA) if applicable.  Bumping scenarios are identified. 

4. A second team of two BHRM staff independently makes the same review as the first team.  The two teams then meet to ensure that their results are identical.  If not identical, any discrepancies are thoroughly researched to ensure that Civil Service Laws and Rules are applied properly.

5. Once the list of affected staff is established, it is then provided to RHA management. 

6. Management must notify the Union of any affected bargaining staff 15 days prior to the effective date of the layoff (per the CBA). 

7. Management must notify the affected employees 14 days prior to the layoff (per the CBA).

8. The person affected become of the Civil Service priority list which gives them rights back to those positions if the positions are reinstated.

9. RHA and Civil Services provide the individuals affected with tools for employment search.


**It is important to note that staff eliminations are based on seniority throughout RHA, and therefore it may be necessary to re-assign the employees who remain in the affected titles.