Information on Shelter Plus Care

Program Description

Shelter Plus Care is a grant funded program made available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Clients of an RHA Shelter Plus Care program are able to seek housing anywhere in Monroe County. This flexibility allows clients the opportunity to choose housing in areas where they feel safe and comfortable.

RHA provides a rental subsidy to landlords on behalf of the client. Participants will pay 30% of their annual income towards rent and utilities.

Who is eligible for the program?

Potential clients must be homeless and disabled at the time of application. Sponsor Agencies identify potential clients and refer them through their program. Sponsor Agencies will perform a primary assessment of an applicant’s eligibility and will provide on-going case management throught a participant's time on the program. Please see below for a list of all Sponsor Agencies.

How do I apply?

Participants who wish to enroll in a Shelter Plus Care program must be referred to RHA by one of the various Sponsor Agencies.

To apply, please contact

 Sponsor Agency
   Other Information
Monroe County DHS
 (585) 753-6960           
Volunteers of America
 (585) 402-7410            
Monroe County OMH/CCSI
 (585) 753-2879 
East House
 (585) 238-4850 
Eastman Commons - PathStone
 (585) 436-7100 
Judicial Process Commission
 (585) 325-7727
Son House - Providence/CFC
 (585) 328-3228
Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach
 (585) 288-0504
Strong Ties
 (585) 279-4900
The Salvation Army
 (585) 987-9500
Unity Health
 (585) 368-3720
Veterans Outreach Center
 (585) 506-9060
 Toll Free 866-906-VETS (8387) 
PCHO - Person-Centered Housing Options      
 (585) 397-7248

Click here for further information regarding the Shelter Plus Care program